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Letter of Appeal in Behalf of the Pentagon Workers Union

July 13, 2013

Three months have passed since the management of Pentagon Steel Corporation illegally dismissed 134 of its workers.

Pentagon Steel Corporation manufactures nails, G.I. wires, and other products made from steel. It has around 240 workers― majority of which, have served the company for at least ten years.

The workers have suffered for a long time from various forms of workers’ rights violations, such as unsafe conditions within the factory, lack of complete health coverage during accidents, and non-recognition of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) and the certification of elections (CE).

These are the reasons the workers organized a lunch break picket-protest last April 13. However, the management retaliated with the suspension and illegal lock-out of 134 union members who joined the protest. After two days, the illegally dismissed workers started putting up a barricade in front of the factory.

There have also been a series of violent attacks experienced by workers from the police, security guards, and management goons.

The workers have had no jobs for three months. Most of them are breadwinners, and have no other resources for their day-to-day expenses. Even the operational expenses of the picketline rely on the donations from the supporters of their fight.

However, given this, the workers remain strong and steadfast in their fight for just wages, job security, and rights.

The union needs support for the sustenance of their families. Which is why we thought of coming up with a livelihood program the families can do to augment their meager resources. They also need school supplies for the children.

In line with this, we are appealing to you to give support for the workers of Pentagon Steel Corporation. Help you will give will enable the workers to continue with the fight for just wages and benefits.

Donations in cash can be sent to:

Account Name: Crispin B. Beltran Resource Center
Account Number: 2023-5410-95
Bank Address: Bank of the Philippine Islands, Kamias, Quezon City.

Meanwhile, material donations may be sent to:

Crispin B. Beltran Resource Center,
57 P. Burgos St., Brgy. Marilag, Project IV, Quezon City

For those able, we encourage you to visit the workers in the picket line. Your visit, along with the donations, will do much for their morale.

CBBRC, in behalf of the Pentagon workers on strike, thank you in advance. We are hoping for your positive response.