Challenge to politicians: continue Ka Bel’s legacy

May 22, 2013

20 May 2013

Challenge to politicians: continue Ka Bel’s legacy

Crispin B. Beltran Resource Center, an institution formed to continue the legacy of Crispin “Ka Bel” Beltran, posed a challenge to newly-elected politicians: pursue Ka Bel’s legacy by upholding the people’s welfare above all.

During Ka Bel’s fifth death anniversary commemoration in Plaza Miranda, Quiapo, Manila earlier today, CBBRC’s executive director Ofel Beltran-Balleta said, “Some of our people are hopeful during elections. They hope that the new set of leaders will bring about much needed change. Others, however, perceive that the elections will not change anything due to the persistent systemic problems that have plagued the people for years.”

Balleta continued, “Both of these groups are correct. On one hand, change cannot be enacted solely through elections. More than laws, mass movement is needed to force politicians to listen, and make changes in the ordinary person’s life. Mass movement is needed to ensure clean, honest and peaceful elections. On the other hand, electing people who will ratify laws for the people (as opposed to for multinational companies and political dynasties) doesn’t hurt either.”

“We need politicians who will ease the poverty experienced by our people. We need politicians who will fight against the two-tiered wage system, which is being implemented by the Department of Labor and Employment without the system passing through Congress. We need politicians who will push the P125 wage increase. We need politicians with strong political will who will enact laws that will introduce more jobs to our people through national industrialization.”

“Hence, this is where these newly-elected officials come in. Prove to the people that you are worthy of the position. Continue Ka Bel’s legacy of public service by enacting patriotic and pro-people laws. Laws that will not only ensure the alleviation of poverty but introduce long-term changes as well.” Balleta ended.

Ofel Beltran-Balleta